Day 1: Travel Day

We had a super early flight, which has its perks.  There is very little traffic, and the airport is a lot less crowded early in the morning.  Our flight was uneventful, which is a good thing.  We had a slight delay getting to the car rental facility due to the apparent lack of buses running, but the weather was nice, so the wait wasn't so bad.

Downtown L.A. from the plane.

Downtown L.A. from the plane.

We stopped in at the office to pick up a box and then had lunch at Farmer Boys.  Thankfully, our room was ready for us when we checked into the hotel.  We rested for a few minutes and then went to the pool.  The water was cold!  But that didn't stop Katie from jumping right in.  The rest of us were content in the hot tub.

Monday through Wednesday, the hotel offers a reception with a light dinner and drinks for guests.  So after a little more rest in our room, we filled our plates with grilled chicken and fruit, and sat on the patio to eat it.

View from our patio table.

After our meal, we enjoyed a stroll to Marie Callender's to get some cookies from their bakery.  Always a favorite!

Inside Marie Callender's


Lovely sky tonight.

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